We keep your business safe
 Risk Assessment

We offer free risk assessments for your business, allowing you to understand where you’re most exposed. Once we recognise where your key vulnerabilities are you’re able to make informed decisions about risk management. Working with us means that once we have a comprehensive risk assessment in place, we can immediately work on ensuring your safety. Our expertise has shown us that using a multi-layered approach to IT Security greatly reduces a company’s chances of being breached. Contact us to arrange a meeting and free assessment of your current risk level.


We automate your backups and implement cloud-based remote servers to secure your business. Previous backups protect your data from being lost through encrypted cyberattacks such as ransomware attacks.

Business Education

Ensuring that your team is educated on the risks of security breaches is best practice in keeping your business safe. Over 90% of all data breaches were caused by human error. By educating your staff, you’re creating a free line of defence.

Threat Monitoring

Utilise cloud-based analytics. These will work in the background, 24/7, scanning and monitoring your system’s security.

Business Continuity

Always keep operating. Remote servers and local data protection allow your systems to continue functioning through an attack or from a natural disaster.

Security Policies

Implementing systems and policies to prevent breaches from happening in the first place is key to IT security. Having IT use and password policies in place mean you’re able to respond and identify threats more readily.

Our Cybersecurity Capabilities


Ensuring that your business has effective Cybersecurity technology is vital in today’s age. With threats everywhere, no one is immune from an attack. More sources than ever are out to steal your data or hold you business random. The last thing you want is for your business to show vulnerability and that’s why it’s incredibly important to have strong IT Security.

Sort IT Out’s team is trained in the latest antivirus and cybersecurity technologies. We help businesses take the guesswork out of the safety of their data. Securing your business is our top priority.

We offer the very best in IT Security software including ransomware protection, regular data backup, antivirus technology and robust firewalls.

Partnering with us means that if an attack did manage to penetrate your defences, that your business would be safeguarded through backups and documented restoration policies.